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2012, Premiere at Open Voice 2 Festival, Cologne 2012

Experiment Stimme:

Edda Heeg
Walli Höfinger
Christiane Hommelsheim
Susanne Weins

What is the main theme of the performance "Voicelines"?

I would say our theme is the human voice at the intersection of personal and collective experience.

My voice is changing in harmony with others. By RH work we are aware of this transmission of voice, and use it in this performance. The theme also includes that what we have to say and want to express is closely related to our life journey that unfolds like a line in time. What we are experiencing shapes us and our voices. We are in continuous flow, this flow becomes music. 4 streams meet, 4 lines interweave, overlap, complement each other in moments and stations of the performance, we are looking for in reinforcements, wells and new perspectives on the individual.

Is there a common theme that the four individual performance interconnects (except the voice round of joint work based on the art of Roy Hart)? How open the items end up in a joint performance?

So there are no 4 individual performances, eventhough each member of the ensemble's brings her own music and movement. It's about meeting, crossing, overlapping, penetration and reinforcement of the material. This dialog creates a "multimedia choreography" and a new crosslinked overall impression. This is the common creation.

With choreography of course, I think the same of dance? As well as dance is used?

Dance in the sense no, but movement in space - yes! We are moving in relation to space, to each other, sculptural and in relation to direction. By 4 bodies in space images and situations arise. By the constellation of people and the material is once again clear that importance and significance is indeed influenced by the individuality of the individual, but is immediately re interprätierbar, depending on the context in which in which constellation in the room and the sound each statement is made or shown. The drift of our various life and vocal lines fascinates us in this regard.

And the photos are ready for their performance, it looks as if even video projections are used? Is that right?

Yes, it also video projections are used as a medium for expanding the perception of space and spatial structure.