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Performance/ Video Installation: Walli Höfinger

Live vocals: Christiane Hommelsheim

Max Sendtner-Völderndorff, Ralf Groninger, Hanna Lippmann

Kamera/Fotos: Max Sendtner-Völderndorff, Ralf Groninger, Hanna Lippmann

faces transform - metamorphosis becomes visible

On-stage, behind the performer are two videoscreens and one video monitor. On one screen at a time you see the artist slowly covering her face with a substance, where an element (for example water) gradually appears. This transformation continues until the entire face disappears into the water and finally dissolves. Between the portraits bare, running feet appear on the monitor. In front of the screens Walli Höfinger improvises with movement and voice.

Christiane Hommelsheim creates a meditative space with voice which relates to the atmosphere and dynamics of the video images and Walli Höfinger’s performance.

The Saarland Land Mission (Berlin) gives grants to artists of the Saarland.
Walli Höfinger received the "SaarStip", a one year grant for a residency in Berlin, in the field of Fine Arts.