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Solo Performance, 2007

Concept & performance:
Walli Höfinger (performance,video, text)

Judi Wilson (direction & training)

Chris Ritter, Henriette Heinrichs

Tech. Support:
Steffen Nitzel, Bernhard Bamberger, Achim Scheffler, Christiane Hommelsheim

Rituale der Häutung (german only) from Horst Gerhard Haberl
Die Krötenprinzessin (german only) from Stefanie Wenner

This is a story about stories and what happens when we are born inside a sensitive, mystical world and see the reality around us in a way that’s not allowed.
Then we love something that gets killed by cynicism and we are talked about as if we don’t exist and we get reduced to an illusion of isolated facts.
So we start to tell distorted stories about that reality so that we can live in the zoo, in boxes built with windows, looking at the busy washing machine of society, wondering if there are right and wrong choices.
 But fairy tales remind us of the princess in the tower and we remember the ancestor who was thrown in the cellar. We begin to want to materialize the immaterial, so we overeat to remember nourishment, we find out that there is an invisible piano with teeth, fingers and roots that lives in that timeless, holy space, that huge space where the whore is looking for beauty, truth and life and the crazy woman knows about the infinity of time and sees the love that dies, but also the generations moving through time, the grandmother in endless space.

Striptease for Mimi , the Cat creates images of a personal female mythology. It includes public and autobiographical material in a unique theatrical form.
The audience is a witness being guided through a female fun-house of mirrors, a rollercoaster of serious and comical situations in which the performer provides insights in the multilayered complexity of her psyche, her inner world. Live performance and videos tell the stories and songs cite female icons like Marlene Dietrich and Jeanne Moreau. A web is woven from images, animal-like movement sequences and part-poetic, part-ironic autobiographical texts. Serious questions are asked and are then taken ad absurdum, exposing a conflicted female soul. "Striptease for Mimi, the Cat" gives a taste of what female freedom might possibly be...
The collaboration between Walli Höfinger and Judi Wilson is a multi-layered dialogue, bringing together the genres of performance, video, dance and theater, which meet and connect in a collage-like way.

This performance was funded from the Section of Culture and Science of the land of Lower-Austria and the Saar-Toto-Association in Saarbrücken.