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Performance: Walli Höfinger

Techn. Support: Harald Söther

Copper pipe bells live: Klaudia Stoll

Camera: Christian Birk, Susanne Wilms

Photos: Christa Werner-Geiselhofer

The state of hanging – to hang - to stay - to last - to let the impulse to run away pass through - to be present - to feel your way into - to be still - to stay present - to go further into the tension - to stay with it - until it transforms by itself - the state becomes a process which is mirrored in my body

The architecture of the old waterworks is reminiscent of the engine-room of a big ship. The space is about 10 meters high. A gallery leads up to the very top of the space, ending at the former water-reservoirs. At ground level there is a square opening of 16 square meters with a staircase leading to the basement of the building. From the highest level all levels are visible from the highest one, safeguarded with railings and open to the public.

On the floor of the basement are lying 8 neon tubes. While I climb up the rope, there is the sound of galloping horses, growing louder and falling silent as soon as I arrive at the top. I hang at a height of 8 meters, a little bit higher than the eye level of the audience. From the ground level the audience can look 5 meters down into the basement level. I remain in a hanging state for 30 minutes and follow the body-impulses which develop out of this body-situation.