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A personal, poetical, musical lecture performance about voice

Composition & Performance Wali Höfinger

Vocal and musical consultant, Outside Eye: Jonathan Hart-Makwaia
Mis en scène: Irene Mattioli
Costume: Sayyora Muin


Singing with my open mouth I look for freedom

The Wild. Is that only an idea or a concept or a reality? 

The Wild seems to be underrepresented in our society. There is hardly any space to express ourselves outside of forms that are within our culture.
I imagine voice as creature, with its own presence and identity. Many creatures live in one voice, many voices live in one self.
The Wild: Is it the unknown in our own being? The unknown in our selves?
A connection which is physical, mental emotional all at once.

The voice identifies the mobility of our own inner life. The voice talks about our simultaneous existence in different worlds and that we don’t know, where the journey is going.