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Performance, 2002
Performed at the Saarland Land Mission (Berlin)

Creative concept, video & acrobatics: Walli Höfinger

Live vocals:
Christiane Hommelsheim

Tech. Support:
KRISKATS - Christine Ritter & Katrin Mlynek

Ruth Hutter, Natalie Percilier, Oliver Steinberger

Annette Arends, Hanna Lippmann, Dirk Plamböck

I stand up and lie back down immediately

I fall and I stand up immediately

I fall and I let myself fall

I lie and I remain lying

The performance took place in a 19-meter-high building. The performer Walli Höfinger is attached to two bungee ropes hanging from the ceiling. Video is projected on the floor while Christiane Hommelsheim relates vocally to the space and the movement of the live performance. The audience is invited to find a place at one of the balustrades surrounding the space on 5 floors to watch the performance.

The performance deals with the subject of floating and falling, body awareness and a body expression which we know from childhood, but lose in our daily adult lives.
The performance "without-gravity" links 3 images of lying, falling and standing as metaphors on the lightness and heaviness of life which always exist side by side.
The sounds of Christiane Hommelsheim relate to the potential spatial and perceptual levels of the performance.
The Saarland Land Mission (Berlin) gives grants to artists of the Saarland.
Walli Höfinger was awarded the "SaarStip", a one year grant for a residency in Berlin, for the field of Fine Arts. This evening was the culmination of Walli Höfinger’s residency in Berlin.