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Stage reading in the context of the xhibition "Schön ist was anderes", KuBa Saarbrücken 2012

Text, performance, video: Walli Höfinger

Outside eye: Hanna Lippmann

"Striptease for Mimi , the Cat" creates images of a female mythology, informed by autobiographic and collective experiences. The dialogue of the "protagonists" all embodied by Walli Höfinger, lead the audience to a female hall of mirrors, a mix of serious and comical situations, live and via video. Longing, frustration and subtlety,– deep beneath the surface dormant taboo feelings are making their way to the surface in bizarre ways. 
The collaboration between Walli Höfinger and Judi Wilson is a multi-layered dialogue, bringing together the genres of performance, video, dance and theater, which meet and connect in a collage-like way.