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Solo Performance Commissioning Project 2011

2 adaptations solo with Louise Desbrusses and Walli Höfinger II CAIRH, Malérargues, 2012

Choreography and Direction: Deborah Hay

Adaptation and performance: Walli Hoefinger

Adaptation and performance: Louise Desbrusses I Music: Hilary Jeffery


Since 1998, every year Deborah Hay invites twenty artists from different countries to commission a dance solo choreographed by her, which is transmitted in the Solo Performance Commissioning Project. To buy the rights, they must gather each equal funding (public or private support, companies, associations, environment, etc ... see the back list of all patrons I think not). In ten days, Deborah Hay sends a partition and practice. After a day of solo practice five days a week for three months, artists can present their adaptation.

DEBORAH HAY member of the famous Judson Dance Theatre in New York in the early 60s, then ephemeral interpreter with Cunningham during the world tour in 1964, the American choreographer has continued to question her own choreographic practice is always risk to new how to create. From the late 80s, she began to wonder about how to document his choreography and realizes that "literally transcribe the choreography [him] to touch the limits of [his] experience of dance" "I discovered that the prose could help determine how I could convey my choreography.

Under the "Solo Performance Commissioning Project" it sends annually to twenty artists rights solo: a written score and choreography specific issue each year. This practice choreographic-cal as forwards Deborah Hay incentive to learn without thinking, to focus on the fact to learn, to expand consciousness through a process of questioning.

WALLI Höfinger began her artistic career in 1993, studying at the HBKsaar Saarbrücken New artistic media, especially performance art with Ulrike Rosenbach. During her studies, she worked as a dancer and performer for various choreographic projects. Since 1996, she creates her own performances that combine movement and acrobatics, video installations, sound, lighting, voice. She was featured in several countries in Europe, mainly in Germany. She teaches performance art, movement and voice since 2006. Since 2010, she also teaches voice Roy Hart.

Writer and performer LOUISE Desbrusses Louise is the author of two novels, "The emergency money (POL, 2006) that meets a great success with the public and critics and" Crowns Shields Armour "(POL 2007) distinguished by a special mention of the price Wepler, news, poems, parts ("Any attempt autobiography would be futile," Lansmann editor, 2009) and a series of essays published by the journal Inculte 2009- 2010 under the title "body (&) of writing."

Roy Hart International Arts Centre invites you to discover two ongoing adaptations of Deborah Hay solo, two interpreters, one Desbrusses Louise is currently in residence at CAIRH the other Walli Höfinger is Professor Roy Hart.