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re-cordis: Remember – Giving Back through the Heart

Group performance for the Student Forum of the European Media Art Festival Osnabrück 1997

  • Original length 35 minutes

Performance: Walli Höfinger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Beate Kercher, Ingrid Mwangi, Gabriel Pichler, Gertrud Riedmüller, Klaudia Stoll, Jacqueline Wachall

Camera: Robert Hutter, Susanne Wilms



This all-female student group was formed in October 1996 on the common basis of Ulrike Rosenbach’s performance training program, and it has been working independently ever since.
The performance “Recordis: Remember, Giving Back through the Heart” consists of contributions by individual performers united by the concept of improvisation and space. Common thematic elements and actions that transcend the individual give rise to levels of association which audience members can relate to their own life stories.
The core elements of the performance are body-work, improvisation, video and sound.

Walli Höfinger
Numbed heart dividing wall invisible – synthetic breathless numb remote.controlled
figure-of-eight head – Wondering what’s going on, I watch – breathless racing frozen simultaneous
the pain around the corner waits for its moment –pushes on my larynx from below
the moment does not come on its own –really seeing doesn't come from looking – cross my heart

Christiane Hommelsheim
The point between yesterday, today and tomorrow - transition times.
Every day, in the morning, when you get up and you
crawl out of bed and you crawl out of bed and you crawl
out of bed every day in the morning when you get up and
you crawl out of bed.
Concerning the ambivalence of rhythm, balance and unbearable routine.

Beate Kercher
The openings out of which the rays
emerge from my inner being.
What can stop me from beaming?
The protective rings become sound-waves.
I am earth.
You know me. Your inner pressure is my tension.
Your inner tension is my suffocation.
Radiance is not dangerous.
Radiance is not demanding.
Listen to my words.
Feel my breath.

Ingrid Njeri Mwangi
We talk, but at cross purposes.
We look at each other, yet we fail to see each other.
There are three of us, yet there is only one, playing three roles.
We want to communicate, and yet there is no communication.

Gabriele Pichler
Mouth open - cut off the air
for the duration
of one breath
to the point of exhaustion
time stands still

Gertrud Riedmüller
A child carrying out an act of destruction. A woman metamorphosing into an animal. An old woman in mourning. Negatively-charged behavior stands in opposition to life-enhancing vital forces.

Klaudia Stoll
when words come
in their midst
a ponderous ballerina
it's my way

Jaqueline Wachall

Get up, get on, do it again, check it out,
how does it feel, is it purely superficial, does it come from
deep inside me,
how deep do I want to go, how deep can I go, do I really
want to show this side of me,
to be honest, not to play a role, just don't even think about the concept,
it’s not worth the effort, not good enough, not interesting,
I don't have the energy
to keep coming back to these thoughts,
on another day it’s simply there, I just have to let it,
to trust (in myself), an unreal reality bursts into my consciousness,
something unforeseeable, I can neither grasp it
nor let it fall from my grasp, behind this confusion I am without thought.