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Poetry Performance with voice, piano, movement and video

Written and composed by Catherine Bédarida, Walli Höfinger et Christiane Hommelsheim

Duration: 50 minutes

15th of August 2015, La Magnanerie, Malérargues


Faces give away their secrets in the night

What is a face? In a face, there is the longing and the looking, the opening and the unknown. A face can be silent in a powerful way. When I see the other, I see first of all the face. The face is bare, it’s our most vulnerable part. The face is about meeting, about the other. In several religions it is forbidden to represent the face. Why? In sculptures and paintings, at times of war, they scratch out the eyes or cut off the heads.

What is the power of the face?

The performance combines texts, vocal and musical composition, and video. It is a poem of words and sounds that speaks of the fragile beauty of the face.