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 An improvisation project by Magdalena Inc.+

Christopher Dell
Walli Höfinger
Christiane Hommelsheim
Ruth Hommelsheim

Performances in Berlin/Reichenow, Cologne, Saarbrücken and Darmstadt
Original length about 50-60 minutes

Photos: Ruth Hommelsheim



At the Edge of Time is an exploration of the perception and the creation of time.
This phenomenological approach has three distinct aspects: understanding the moment as material, confronting the subject with multiple choices in every moment and plumbing the boundaries of reception. We understand movement at the edge, at the border, as a permanent process of discovering and playing with the “in between”.

The initial point is to create form in a process-oriented, improvisational way. Each artist contributes his/her specific material. This material is then reflected in the process and opened up for new implications. The four artists communicate via voice, movement, sound and image in a truly individual improvisational language. This language is developed together in the group process.

The principle of each specific performance, its defined neural network, emerges out of its own communicative practice. The performance comes as it fades. As an organic tent it is erected anew in every site. In its physicality, the performance partakes of each change of location and is constantly updating itself.