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Performance and video installation

Saarbrücken, Luxemburg, Vienna 1999

Original length 35 minutes

Performance: Walli Höfinger

Technical Support: Harald Söther

Camera: Ulrich Behr, Michaela Köck, Martin Luckert

Photos: Karl-Heinz Friedrich, Martin Luckert


In the work “Dream.body/-memory” I seek a dialogue between the present moment and the latent potential of dreams and memory, represented by the performer and her electronic double – a video-body object made of 5 monitors.
The field of this performance is created by the parallel presence of one virtual and one real body.

This performance is about the fascination of the electronic double, a mirror which creates an inner life of its own - a new reality which functions as a metaphor for the fact that all you have ever felt, thought, seen and experienced is ultimately recorded/stored in your body-soul. In this sense I understand video as “the body of a monitor filled with non-substantial life”. The medium offers me the possibility of creating an optical time which can be associated with the quality and reality of dreams and memories.

Each of the two performing bodies, the real and the virtual one, has different ways of expressing itself.
The live body expresses itself by being in space in the spontaneous flow of movement, and the video-object expresses itself through prerecorded material that is staggered in time and by speaking through images and sounds. These are connected to reality, yet have an independent life of their own.
I understand “Dream.body/-memory” as an exploration and an experiment playing with the different qualities of life-presence.