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An improvisation project by Magdalena Inc.+

Christopher Dell
Walli Höfinger
Christiane Hommelsheim
Ruth Hommelsheim

Performances in Reichenow/Berlin and Trier
Original length 50-60 minutes

Photos: Klaus Meyer

The relationship between body and space has changed radically in the 20th century. Our body and its topography of geographic definition has moved into fractal dimensions. In three parallel steps the performative body of the artist, its relatedness to the virtual space per Digicam and laptop and the body of the participating audience open up into a dialectic of medialized experience. Magdalena Inc.+ explores this dialectic and the issues inherent to it. We understand fractality, imperfection, fuzziness as a possibility for focusing body-related inward and outward experience and making them tangible. These forms of experience never remain mired in self-reflection; they connect mimesis with alterity.

Every performer not only represents his specialty - he or she transcends it. The musician becomes a dancer, the mover transforms into a singer.

How is this possible? In extended workshop/rehearsal phases the members of the ensemble share their specialties, setting a process of mediation into motion. In this way the disciplines cooperate and simultaneously learn to look at themselves from a different perspective. Emerging patchwork identities point to a new social concept: people’s autobiographies no longer stick to one straight line and one genre, they follow a nonlinear pattern.

The performance connects performing with elements of the space installation. Big video and slide projections on the walls (left in their original condition) and monitors on the floor form an atmospheric, imaginative media landscape. Abstract images, dynamics and sounds open a space of movement and time. Out of this constellation the performers’ interactions slowly fill the space, simultaneous interaction builds up, density intensifies in some moments while dissolving completely in other moments.
Each performance is unique, emerging and fading in front of the audience in that specific moment of time.