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Malérargues, Berlin, 2008

Performance, Video, Sound:
Walli Höfinger

Techn. Support:
Bernhard Bamberger

She almost flew away...
The Soloperformance „dream.stream 7#“ speaks in abstract physical images and through vocal explorations about the echo of a borderline-experience. / "And then she woke up and she was still there...“
Something is dropping off me, like an old skin.
Unleashed powers and I am in the middle.
At the same time around me - a bubble of calmness.
Will you be able to embrace in the moment of death?
If I was a bird
and I also had two wings,
I would fly to you!
But as it cannot be
I stay here, all alone.
Even I am far from you,
I am with you in my dream
and I speak to you.
When I wake up,
I am all alone.
(german folk song)