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Since 2009 I work as a certified teacher at the Roy Hart Center in Malérargues / France.


Today's so-called "Roy Hart Voicework" originated in the 30s of the last century in Germany, started by Alfred Wolfsohn († 1953 in London), a Berlin-born german of jewish origin who succeeded with the help of friends in 1939 by Nazi -Germany to emigrate to London. There he developed his pioneering voice work. His biography was published in 2012 by Sheila Braggins, "Mystery Behind the Voice: A Biography of Alfred Wolfsohn" and is available from Amazon.

After his death, his long-time student, actor, singer and director Roy Hart († 1975), and thereafter the theater company, the "Roy Hart Theatre" led the development of voice work on. Today is the center of the Roy Hart voice work, the "Centre Artistique International Roy Hart" in Malérargues / South of France, a place for vocal workshops and performative arts. Connected to the center, there is a widely networked international "voice community".

Detailed information on the history and the archive of the Roy Hart Theatre can be found on the Webseite of the Roy Hart Center