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In 2012 we were invited to a Voice Conference in Sydney/Australia with our performance "Birdsong".

"Voice – Presence – Absence:   An interdisciplinary dialogue on voice and the humanities" is now available as e-book on iTunes.

An interdisciplinary conference on voice and the arts

Voice/Presence/Absence is an interdisciplinary conference organised by the Creative Practice and Cultural Economy Research Strength of the University of Technology, Sydney. The conference will explore new approaches to the study of voice in the context of arts and humanities, performing practices and new media.

The focus of the conference is:

• Voice in/and artistic practices;
• Voice and theory (philosophy, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, semiotics, gender studies, literary studies, reception theory etc.);
• Voice and technology (amplification, manipulation, recording and archival, technologies of the body, etc.);
• The relationship between theory and practice (in the performing arts, creative writing, media art, etc.);
• The relationship between voice and ideas of subjectivity.

From the experiments of the historical avant-gardes, through the experimental art of the mid 20th Century to the digital revolution, and throughout the developments of postcolonial studies and the so-called post-structuralist turn, theory and creative practices have engaged with voice, its use and its manipulations, in ways that configure a variety of complexly interwoven paths: Dada, Artaud, Bene, Lacan, Dolar, Derrida, Blanchot, Bakhtin, Cavarero, Portelli are only a few now canonical examples of thinkers and artists who contribute to the understanding of the human voice beyond the boundaries of their specific disciplines.
Voice/Presence/Absence is devoted to both the mapping of these intertextual networks and the articulation of original interdisciplinary frameworks to think voice in/and the arts today.