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1966 born in Austria 

1986-1991 Graphische, Vienna

1993-1999 Fine Arts Academy Saarbücken, New Artistic Media

2001 Masterstudent Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach

2001 Saarstip! and 2004 Prize for Media Art

2010 Roy Hart Voice Teacher

I am a performance artist, voice performer and Roy Hart voice teacher and live and work in Berlin since 2001. I work both as a soloist and in various formations with artists from other disciplines in interdisciplinary performance projects.

I originally studied "New Artistic Media" with a focus on performance with Ulrike Rosenbach, followed by the parallel lateral entry in contemporary dance. Since 1996 I develop own performances with movement / aerial acrobatics, video installations, composition and voice. In 2002 I discovered my fascination for the voice in the experimental and artistic context and am constantly on the research and development of the human voice  and since 2006 I have been teaching regularly workshops in Germany and other European countries. Since 2009 I am also certified voice teacher at the Roy Hart Center in Malérargues, France.

Besides my travelling and workshop activities I live and work at the old estate of Reichenow near Berlin.