On request I also give private lessons in Berlin during the winter month at Somatische Akademie Berlin:



I specialize in motion, experimental voice work, composition and singing.

A singing lesson takes place in convenient, activity-friendly clothes instead, partly connected to the piano but also freely in the space. The working process is based on the focus and interest of the student. It is about the exploration of vocal colors, expression, connection to the body and internal images.

Effect: improvement of voice connection and the vocal sound, sensitization of hearing, refinement of body sensation and perception. Extension of the vocal possibilities.

"The whole person - the whole voice."

I support people in finding their own diverse "voices". "What matters to you? - What touches you?" is the central research. I like working resource oriented, with what I find, and not with virtuoso vocal technique or a specific sound aesthetics and build from there. In this respect all sounds are equally valuable in the first place. Listening and accepting what sound appears often bring interesting surprises. This training can raise the own presence in everyday life, as well as on stage. Humanity and humor play an important role in the process.

Furthermore, I will gladly issue Artistic Coaching for Performance and experimental vocal art.